Monday, June 27, 2011

your occasional DIY

summer projects on the mind...

                                                DIY finger print art:

                                                DIY accessory organizer

                                               DIY canister magnets:

                                      DIY frame shaped book shelves:
                                        DIY old ladder made useful:

                                         DIY photo banner:

How fun would it be to attend one of Bri's blogshop's?!!
Has anyone?

(it would be tempting to investigate for an open spot...she'll be in the bay area next month)


Sandra said...

I love the picture frame book shelves, such a good idea!

Mrs,Ce said...

great ideas!

Hilary Nicole said...

I need to buy a new jewelry stand.. Why not make one!? great ideas!

XO Hilary Nicole

Tribal Fox Vintage said...

Interesting ideas, I might try the photo banners myself! Thanks for sharing :)

Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous pieces! Loving that fingerprint art.

CC said...

I love the frame shelves and the ladder. So easy to create your own versions. And the fingerprints are so cool. I first saw that on Divine Design with Candice Olsen a few years ago. Great blog!

Anna Walker said...

WOW! I would so do the accessory organizer, and the DIY frame shaped bookshelves are GENIUS! Great finds!

Mrs. Julius said...

Thanks for passing by Leah! I love photography too and I'm loving that pic of you and your fiance on the top right.

Oh, and I love the accessory organizer. What a great idea! thanks for sharing.

Following you now. :)


Mrs. Julius said...

Oh and yes, you should definitely do a TTD session!!! So much fun! Let me know when you do! :)


Linh said...

I am totally inspired right now. I drink that Jasmine tea! OMG :) LOVE the jewelry DIY project.

The Cat Hag said...

I am loving all these little DIY Homewares, so cute and perfect for livening up the home! :)

The Cat Hag

Sandra said...

I just gave you the Best Blogger Award, you can see all about it in my last post. :D

Anna said...

I LOVE that photo bunting. such a great idea! And the finger print picture is so sweet. Inspiration overload!

mapleandvine said...

loving the ladder. was just talking about putting one of those in my bedroom.

love your blog!

new follower hope you follow me as well :)

Anonymous said...

Great DIYs! I love DIYs. Following you now! HOpe to see more great DIYs :)