Thursday, March 31, 2011

Electronic Dress Up!

Electronic dress up for the fashion enthusiast!!!


Click here to play!

Monday, March 28, 2011

cupcake love with sprinkles on top!

Do you enjoy baking?  I do! 
It's relaxing, fun, rewarding and always a fun treat to share!
Hopefully, these mini cakes were able to put a smile on somebody's face today;)

Happy Monday!

Filter difference

How was your weekend, and what interesting things did you do? 
We started ours off in OB and dinned at Nick's.
Candid shots are the best! 
I've always been a big fan of B&W pics.  What's your view of choice? :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Playfully Cute

Cute, affordable wear -I'm there!!! 
I'm a huge fan of online shopping and was excited to stumble upon Ruche's super cute online boutique store.  How cute is their website?!  Get ready to be inspired by Mai & Josh Olivo's story and make sure to check out their full collection here.

Spotted here: eat drink chic Images via ~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

God only Knows, Vegetables!

Tonight, The Beach Boys have been on continuous play :)
Listening to BB's always puts me in a good mood!

My all time fav :)

If I had kids, I would sing them this!!
Puts a smile on my face, how about yours? :D

2011 Priscilla of Boston

Wowey! Love!
how cute is that back bow?!!

Also have my eye on the Vineyard line...

Check out Priscilla of Boston's full 2011 collection here
Also spotted in: wedding chicks

our morning walk

Took Balki on a walk this morning before work.  Also, captured some cool pics with my camera phone as we strolled through our route...  Fresh rain drops and morning sun...Ahhhhhh

I leave you with this...spotted here :)

paradise point at night

Paradise Point at night:
Took a quick pic last night with my phone as we were driving in to see Vadim, an old high school friend of Robert's, who was in town for a work convention.  Turned out to be a messy-cool pic don't you think? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wedding talk

Thanks to my mom, future mother-in-law, MOH and awesome friend Mel, we conquered two fab bridal boutiques this past weekend, and had a blast doing so!!!  A definite start to finding "the dress," but far from making any final decisions.  There are so many different styles, fabrics, trains, ruching, sashes, head pieces, veils, etc to choose from!  How does a girl make up her mind?  Until then, let my dreams be filled with vivid-glamorous images of white:)
    A free preview magazine I picked up after my appointment at hctb
    Enjoy and swoon over these delightfully-rich gowns:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nooks & Settee Love

I'm a big fan of adorable nooks & sette's!  Are you?
  Images via ~ country living  eclectic revisited eclectic revisited