Thursday, April 28, 2011


We are off to celebrate our SunnyMoon in Aruba!  A quick "pit stop" in Panama City, FL, for a friend's wedding, and then off to our beach resort for 6 days/5 nights of paradise bliss!  Rob's quite the planner, and has already lined us up with a jeep tour, a sailboat/snorkeling cruise, sunset dinner resos on the beach and of course, some well needed R&R :) 

This is all I'm packing for the trip ;)  Can't wait to wear my new VS swimsuit (got it on sale of course:)  We're also bringing along our new mini cam to make sure we're covered on all aspects of picture taking ;)

I read this article online that it's turtle nesting season in Aruba!  Apparently, every year they nest nearby our resort on Eagle Beach, and we might get lucky enough (*fingers crossed*) to witness some baby leatherback sea turtles in action!  Wouldn't that be so sweet to see?!!

I'm SO EXCITED -can't wait!  Be back soon with pictures to share!

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